Dig It Up! 3D Triceratops

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  • EXCAVATE: Using the tools included in each kit from MindWare, chip, dig and brush away the plaster block until you discover all skeleton pieces. In this value-pack your child will excavate both a Triceratops and T-Rex.
  • PREPARE: Once all pieces have been excavated rinse the pieces in water and follow the step by step instructions to assemble your dinosaur.
  • ASSEMBLE: The bones snap together and can be repeatedly reassembled.
  • DISPLAY: Once assembled, your skeleton will be an accurate model of a Triceratops measuring 12" long and a Tyrannosaurus Rex measuring 14.5" long!
  • INCLUDES: (both sets each include) fossil block, hammer, flat chisel, point chisel, brush, sponge and instructions.